It is by rubbing shoulders with the officers
Americans during the First World War that A. Soulard discovers with admiration (and envy!) their sportswear. Practical, elegant, very well adapted, these specific garments have no equivalent in France.

Shortly after the war, he decided
therefore to be inspired by it, and to offer similar products in France. This is the beginning of a very beautiful story, devoted to the pleasure of equipping oneself with elegance for outdoor activities: “the Outdoor”.

At first, the company focused on lined clothing, but soon, customers wanted more, and demanded outfits for all sports, and all seasons.

This is the creation of the NOVASPORT brand, at the end of the 20s.

Under the brand NOVASPORT we
designs, manufactures and distributes beautiful clothing for outdoor sports: hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, tennis, motor sports...

The clothes are designed for
be elegant, solid, and comfortable. The perfect combination of style and use.

NOVASPORT products immediately met with great success and people crowded into the shop located on rue de
Vanves in Paris, then avenue des Ternes.

NOVASPORT dresses all
enthusiasts and in particular the elite concerned about its elegance: Charles de Gaulle, Juan Carlos, Valery Giscard d'Estaing,...

The Renaissance

The rebirth of the myth

After decades of success, in 2008, NOVASPORT weakened with the retirement of its two leaders

It would have been a shame to let such a beautiful brand die out, and to see these magnificent, timeless, and so well thought out products disappear.

In 2022, BERTEIL therefore decides to
to take up the torch, to take over, by relaunching the activity.

Since 1840, BERTEIL has devoted itself
to its customers, concerned about elegance, for the city and the countryside.

“At Berteil, we don't sell clothes to customers, we dress them! »

Between the two brands, the
fundamentals are shared: The requirement for the best materials, The rigor of manufacture, The passion for Service, The taste for color, A durable and timeless quality.

Thanks to the complicity of many customers and friends, Berteil has assembled an important collection of historical products from NOVASPORT,
all eras, all materials, all sizes, and for each use.

From this collection, the most emblematic products are re-edited:

* Resumption of patronage

* Search for the most faithful materials

* Prototyping and dimming

* Manufacturing