L’histoire de Berteil

Une belle aventure depuis 1840

Since 1840... at least!

The history of Berteil has retained its share of mystery since we do not know exactly when the House was founded. We know, however, that Berteil did exist in 1840 since at that time, a young Italian soon to be famous was training there as an apprentice hatter: Giuseppe Borsalino.

Created by Alfred Berteil, the House was specialized in the manufacture of hats and covered all the courts of Europe, the elite, the political world, and high society. From the top hat to the cap to the bowler hat, all styles were possible, as long as it was elegant.

Since then, the company has been passed down from generation to generation, and remains in the same family until 2016.

1970 : une nouvelle impulsion

In the 1970s, millinery declined. Michel Houyvet, descendant of Alfred Berteil, then bought the shares of his brothers and sisters and joined forces with his childhood friend: Gérard Kiener. Together, they gave a new impetus to the brand by deciding to launch a collection of clothes for every day (and for slightly more exceptional days) in a style mixing French tradition with English and Italian touches. The values ​​remain unchanged: no concessions on materials, no concessions on manufacturing, lots of colors, timelessness rather than fleeting fashion, the right price for quality.

On this daring bet, success is at the rendezvous. Berteil attracts a very good clientele and the brand experiences a new apogee from the 1980s.

Several addresses have followed one another from rue du Temple to boulevard Saint-Germain via Saint-Michel and Clément Marot and of course on place Saint-Augustin for more than 120 years. The head office is now located at 6 boulevard Malesherbes.

In 2016, the House changed hands, and under the impetus of Vianney Houette, a group of passionate shareholders took up the torch, having at heart to maintain the spirit of this fine house and give it new impetus.



A lot of elegance, a touch of audacity, timeless models, irreproachable quality and of course colour: this is the hallmark of Berteil's collections which defy time, taking care not to get caught up in fleeting trends. of fashion.

The men's line, whether casual, business or evening, obviously adapts to the tastes and uses of the moment, but with the aim of seeing each item of clothing accompany its owner for a long time, like a comforting landmark through which one always feels beautiful, always good, year after year… So much so that it's not uncommon to see them living a second life on the backs of our customers' grandchildren, which is a delight!

La maison Berteil

Elégance, Qualité, Couleur, Audace et Intemporalité.