Plus de 20 modèles en boutique: coupes, couleurs, matières.
Nos tailleurs vous accompagneront dans la sélection des ensembles et s'assureront d'ajuster votre costume à votre taille.

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Find here season after season part of our costume collections and do not hesitate to find us in store to try on the models you have spotted.

The suit, or complete, remains an essential elegant outfit in any male wardrobe. A good suit is the combination of three essential elements: the cut, the color and the fabric. At Berteil each season, we will offer you a wide choice of shades, in durable confections and using top quality fabrics.

In store, our tailors will assist you in selecting the sets that suit you and will ensure that the fall of the jacket and trousers is beautiful. As with us, being well dressed is a prerequisite, the necessary alterations are offered to you.