“Choose what makes you happy! This is the very principle of MTO Berteil.
Halfway between ready-to-wear and measurement...
You start with one of our "iconic" shapes (a vest, a jacket, an overcoat or a blouson) and you will choose the main material, the color, the buttons, the pockets and the colors of the trim...
You no longer buy a standard garment, but you build it, according to your desires.
You become your own stylist!
To give you an idea, we offer more than 2000 different fabrics for jackets (including 250 tweeds), 40 different buttons, 24 colors of trim available… Which gives thousands of possibilities. Never has the expression "to be spoiled for choice" been so aptly named.
All these products are manufactured in our workshops, in France, which allows us to benefit from real room for manoeuvre. And this flexibility in execution, we have decided to put it at your service.
Vests, jackets, overjackets and blousons are the products available in MTO. We have four vest shapes, five jacket shapes and one jacket shape. For example, on jackets, we can make them in cotton, dipped lambskin (more than 100 colors to choose from), goat suede (48 colors available).
The hardest part will be choosing. But our employees are there to help you in your choices. They will be happy to advise you.
Once the order is placed in store, it takes two to three weeks for delivery.