Our ready-to-wear is much more than a classic ready-to-wear. This is why we called it “the Parisian measure”. We wanted to give it a name that matches its characteristics. So what do we mean by “Parisian measure”?
The Parisian measure is ready-to-wear "all alterations included"
A retouched ready-to-wear, recut completely on you in a very traditional way.
This tradition of the art of tailoring that we carry, implies for us a real requirement of retouching. An example is worth more than a long speech. If a sleeve needs to be shortened, we prefer to take it apart entirely rather than cut it down from the bottom. Ditto, if you need to bend your jacket a little more, we will not hesitate to disassemble it, resize it and then reassemble it.
Pants, jackets, shirts, suits, coats, all these clothes offered in "Parisian measure" can thus be altered and recut. And all alterations are included in the price. There is no supplement, and no unpleasant surprises.
Regarding deadlines, we generally carry out these alterations within eight days.
Our daily leitmotif is to satisfy you, to make you happy to wear our clothes. Saying yes to our customers is our life philosophy.